Welcome to Green Shoots, the gardening section. This section focuses on plants grown using permaculture principles. We feature native, home-grown, foraged, healthy and sustainable plants that are edible and ornamental.

In our first edition we bring you a healthy and delicious chicken nuggets recipe by Queensland blogger Perri from Perri’s Plants to Plate who is passionate about growing native edible plants and blogs on Perri’s Plants to Plate. Here’s the first of a series of Perri’s recipes we’ll be bringing to you in future editions.

Healthy chicken (or vegetarian)  nuggets

I call these ‘MacNuggets’ because the ingredients include Macadamias. I also used Bunya nuts. This recipe is a yummy Australian native twist on the traditional chicken nuggets kids and adulat


3 chicken breasts, cubed into 2-3cm chunks (ir tofu, cauliflower, broccoli etc)
Bunya nuts (boiled) – 1 cup
Macadamia nuts (raw) – 1/2 cup
2 slices bread, your choice
3 garlic cloves, peeled
3 eggs, beaten well
A pinch of Salt & Pepper to taste

Using a food processor, blitz together the Bunya nuts, Macadamia nuts, garlic, bread, salt & pepper until crumb sized.
Coat chicken (or alternative protein or veg) in egg, then cover in crumb mixture. Deep, shallow or air fry until golden.


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