Editorial Charter

The Australian and international media focus on journalism, creative writing and arts practice from the southern states meaning Queensland writers and artists are often not published, recognised or supported.

Therefore, the principal mission of The Pineapple is to provide a forum for Queensland public interest journalism, creative writing, photography, design, art and performance.

This will sometimes be achieved by reporting on Queensland stories with Queensland images and by reviewing creative works (such as theatre, music, exhibitions and writing) by Queenslanders. Mainly it will be achieved by publishing Queenslanders. This means The Pineapple only publishes and reviews work by Queensland journalists, writers, photographers, artists and performers.

For the purposes of The Pineapple, this is defined as someone who was born in Queensland, spent a significant portion of their working life here or currently resides in Queensland.

The journalism, writing, photography and art produced by Queenslanders and published on The Pineapple will be commissioned, edited, produced and published by a Queensland editor.

Our editorial will be informed by our values: The public interest, skills development, social change and community engagement are important values.

The Pineapple team will embark on projects to develop writing skill in local communities and leave a legacy of participants whose capacity to tell their own important stories is boosted.

Diversity is also an important value and these projects will focus on celebrating storytellers from vulnerable groups in society including young people, First Nations and LGBTIQ+ communities, people with a disability and people from diverse backgrounds. Inclusive and regional stories are a priority.

The Pineapple’s goals align with national, state and local government media and arts policy priorities. We believe there is a place for every story and we believe in engaging audiences with those stories as audiences and as co-creators. As a progressive publication, our stories aim to drive positive social change.

Our vision is of increased local, state, national and international recognition of the high-calibre journalism, creative writing, photography, design, art and performance produced by Queenslanders.

The Pineapple is deeply supportive of creative enterprises in Queensland and will engage with, support, and promote Queensland creative enterprises at every opportunity.

The Pineapple produces journalism by qualified journalists and abides by the Australian Press Council’s Editorial Standards and the Media Arts and Entertainment Alliance (MEAA) Code of Ethics. 

We are committed to honesty, fairness and independence in our journalism. We aim to get the facts right and use an evidence-based approach at all times. If an error occurs, we will correct it at the first opportunity. Where we agree we made a mistake, the incorrect content will be removed.

The Pineapple will adhere to the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, and balance. We won’t use clickbait or headlines that misrepresent the content of the story. If we make a promise in the headline, it will be kept.

Our journalists, writers, photographers, artists and editors will at all times act ethically and report fairly, honestly and objectively.

We are respectful of community standards and mindful of avoiding causing offence. At the same time, The Pineapple’s charter is to be adventurous, unorthodox and disruptive. We do not adhere to orthodox journalism models and incline towards a New Journalism and Creative Non-Fiction approach.

Overall The Pineapple takes a constructive, public interest journalism approach meaning we investigate solutions as well as problems, there is less focus on conflict and more emphasis on connection and an unashamed positive emphasis in every story we tell.

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To receive the latest articles from The Pineapple, please subscribe below.

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