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PRODUCER PROFILE: John Tidy’s Organics, Amamoor

Vivienne Wynter

For the entire month of May, the GourMay Mary Valley Food Festival highlights the region’s farmers who work hard to produce tasty, healthy, nourishing produce for your plate. Here, The Pineapple profiles a farming couple participating in GourMay to showcase their certified organic avocados.

John Tidy’s avocados taste better than the ones you buy at the stupid-market (yes you read that right) and here’s why.

‘It’s the oil content that ripens an avocado,’ says John.

‘The key is leaving the fruit on the tree until the oil content is high enough to ripen the fruit.

‘If the avocado is picked too early it will never ripen properly.

‘The big orchards pick the whole crop in two weeks and the avos are in cold storage until the supermarket wants them. Then they sit in a ripening room with ethylene gas and are later stacked in the supermarket getting squeezed by customers, sometimes hundreds of times a day.’

That ain’t no way to treat an avo, according to John.

He carefully chooses picking times for the different varieties of Shepherd, Hass, Wurtz, Fuerte and Pinkerton avocados John and wife Julia grow on their 80 acre Amamoor farm.

John uses natural pest management and natural fertilisers.

‘The main pest is the fruit spotting bug which used to ruin about 20 per cent of our crop,’ says John.

‘For five years we’ve been getting Bio Resources in Samford to send us 2000 Anastatus Wasp eggs a month.

‘We place them around the orchard where they hatch and parasitise the fruit spotting bug eggs before they hatch.

‘Now we only lose about four per cent of the crop to bugs.’

John feeds his trees with organic compost and uses biodynamic preparations to activate the soil biology.

To slow the flow of water and nutrient runoff in heavy rain, Natural Sequence farming practices including contours across the hill, are used.

‘We put prunings in the contours to encourage fungus and bacteria which break down the nutrients into the soil,’ says John.

All this hard work and precision picking makes a difference to how the avocadoes taste.

‘No false modesty: I know how good my fruit are.’

If you’d like to try one of John Tidy’s organic avocados, they are sold at Kandanga Farm Store, Go Vita Gympie, Bandita Cantina in Noosaville, Belmondos Organic Market in Noosa or Organika café in Noosa and Greensmith Grocer in Birtinya.

You can visit their beautiful farm in person at John and Julia Tidy’s upcoming Sunrise Breakfast at the Avocado Tree Farm on Saturday 18 May 2024.

The event is part of GourMay. Visitors will enjoy a delicious breakfast featuring John’s avocados and other local produce and watch the sun rise with a glass of bubbles or a cup of tea or coffee before walking it off with a farm tour and talk about organic farming.

Grab tickets here

The Avocado Tree Farm also offers a tiny home and cabin for holiday accommodation. Both have gorgeous views out over the Mary Valley towards to Mt Cooroora, Cootharaba and Pinbarren.

Choose from: Henry, a spacious cabin or Claudine, a cute tiny home

Julia Tidy said the accommodation was a form of diversifying income on the farm and ‘it’s been an absolute winner’.

‘The views are stunning and you feel like you are on top of the world.’

Check out the all the GourMay events at www.gourmaymaryvalley.com.au


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