‘You’re in awe of how far you’ve come.’ Aspy Jones’ new song about his Mum and Dad’s love story

Vivienne Wynter

Gympie indie singer songwriter Aspy Jones released his new single ‘Look at Us’ this month and as love songs go, it’s a bit different.

Known for his fast paced rock style, Aspy’s latest release, ‘Look at us’ is a tender, reflective song about the successful long term relationship of his parents.

‘It’s different from my usual style of songwriting,’ said Aspy.

‘I’m not writing from experience. I would love to be in a relationship like that.

‘I wrote the song for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. I’ve lived with their and my grandparents’ examples of relationships all my life.’

‘Look at Us is about how you battle through the good, the bad and the really ugly times and somehow come out the other side even more in love than you were before.

‘You’re in awe of how far you’ve come and what you’ve been through to get to this really happy place.’

Aspy Jones with his Mum and Dad

Launched at the Australian Institute of Country Music (AICM) in Gympie on Saturday 11 November, ‘Look at Us’ is introduced with fragile fingerpicking on acoustic guitar before Aspy pays tribute to his parents’ love for each other.

‘It isn’t fair that we got to put a timer on it,

‘I guess it’s a reminder that we have to treasure it’

Produced by Paulie Bromley at Yama Nui Studios, the song reflects Aspy Jones’ typical organic sound, with no special effects needed to amp up his soulful guitar, backed with bass, drums and sister Jaimie on backing vocals.

So, what’s with the mice on the cover art?

‘The mice in the artwork were the topper from Mum and Dad’s wedding cake and it’s still in their living room today,’ said Aspy.

Aspy Jones new single ‘Look at Us’ is available on Spotify

He’s releasing a full album later next year.




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