How good does it feel when you buy a child a toy or book, they start playing with it immediately and all the other kids of all ages want to play with it too?

That’s what happened when I bought my great-nephew Byron the Montessori Story Book for his fourth birthday.

Montessori is not paying me to say this: I think this is hands down the best combined storybook toy for children under ten.

It’s washable fuzzy felt – remember that? So tactile.

Every page moving parts like a spaceship, clothes you can actually peg on the line or put inside a washing machine.

Other pages have food items you can pack in a lunch bag which has clips.

There’s a baby you can feed with a bottle. A fish you can catch from a tank and a fire you can put out with a fire engine.

It’s teaching children important tasks and taking them on adventures in a fun way, developing fine motor skills and it’s freaking awesome.

Byron giving the baby a bottle and learning fine motor skills

Byron’s Mum says he continues to play with his Montessori book a lot – especially at bedtime or anytime when he needs calming solo playtime.

Friends tell me not all Montessori online shops deliver on their promises so I recommend you stick with Montessori Australia where I got my storybook.


The children in our family did.

Kids of all ages wanted to play with our Montessori storybook


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